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Why is your Google foreign trade independent station no traffic?

1. Irregular content updates In the early days of building a new site, many companies knew that they needed to use articles to support their website rankings. Therefore, at this time, they all pay more attention to the update of content. In addition, the new site has a protection period, and the content that is updated in time will have a better ranking. However, the popularity of everything for three minutes cannot make search engines continue to add points to your website. Only by continuously updating the content of the website can you improve the user experience and be more liked by search engines, thereby improving related rankings.

2. Low content quality Many companies want to take shortcuts, such as using software to collect content, resulting in low content quality and failure to attract users and search engines. All content written on the website must be from the perspective of user needs. Content that can solve practical problems for users is high-quality content, and it can also get more opportunities for display.

3. Website has no backlinks Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. According to Ahrefs’ survey, 66.31% of web pages do not contain any backlinks, and only 26.29% contain less than 3 backlinks. Backlinks have a certain relationship with natural traffic, and you can get more high-quality backlinks, which is of great help to website ranking.

4. There is no keyword ranking, no ranking for optimized keywords, everything is equal to zero, Guangzhou Jinzhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in fast ranking optimization of Google keywords, so that keywords can be accelerated by more than 50% to the home page, even in the top 3 and top 5, greatly reducing time and labor costs for enterprises.

Through the above 4 points, you should roughly know the reason why the foreign trade independent station has no traffic. Now that you know it, you need to use the above methods to improve, and it is possible to bring down your competitors.