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Electric Stacker – Which Electric Stacker is Right For You?

Electric Stacker – Which Electric Stacker is Right For You?

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If you are in the market for an electric stacker, you have a few different choices. The ES12, ES14, and ES15 are all excellent choices for many applications. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Fortunately, most electric stackers come with a variety of features and are easy to use. Keep reading to learn more about the various models and features. You’ll be happy you made this investment.


The Baoli ES12-104 electric walkie reach stacker is a 1.2-tonner designed for long-term reliability and convenience. Besides standard features such as an hour meter and battery discharge indicator, this stacker also comes with cold storage protection, triplex mast, and safety orange paint. For extra security, the machine is backed by a 2-year EP warranty. With an impressive 1.2-ton capacity, the ES12-104 stacker can handle a range of jobs from the warehouse to the office.

This electric pallet stacker is designed with a specially-designed crawl speed mode. It also features a telescopic handle for easy stacking. Its features make it ideal for working in confined spaces. This machine is equipped with a low-noise hydraulic unit and durable steel drive wheel covers to ensure utmost safety. Another noteworthy feature is the AMP connector, which greatly reduces the risk of malfunctioning components. It also features a belly button for added stability when working in high-stack environments.

Another model of the Electric Stacker ES12 series is suitable for small warehouses and limited spaces. It can carry up to 1,200 kg and can be equipped with a mast with 2500 – 3800 mm lifting height. It uses a Curtis controller, runs on maintenance-free 2×105 Ah gel batteries, and has an integrated charger for charging. For more power, you can also buy optional safety supports and driver platform for a more secure operation.

The EP Equipment ES12-25WA is a heavy-duty electric pallet stacker that has a capacity of 1.2 tonnes. It features straddle outriggers for increased stability, and is compatible with CHEP and NZ style pallets. The power of the AC drive system is high and stable, and it has a centrally mounted vertical drive wheel. In addition to an impressive 1.2-tonne capacity, the EP ES12-25WA also features an adjustable straddle arm and easy-to-maintainable components.


The ES14 electric stacker is a heavy-duty, ergonomic machine that meets international safety standards. This unit is best for medium-sized warehouses and manufacturing facilities with narrow aisles. Its triplex mast and dual-wheel design make it suitable for handling non-standard pallets. The ES14 is also able to lift up to 1.4 tonnes. This electric stacker is easy to use and has many great features.

The E14 electric stacker is equipped with a wide range of features that make it an excellent choice for distribution centres. It has a 24V/210Ah lead-acid battery, a ZAPI AC drive system, a long tiller, and ergonomic dual-hand controls. The ES14 electric stacker has comprehensive safety features, including a low-speed switchover when the forks are raised more than 500mm.


The EP Equipment ES15-15ES is a compact electric pallet stacker with a lifting capacity of 1500kg. Its duplex design and large load capacity make it a great choice for medium-duty applications. Unlike most 1.5-to electric stackers, it has a high lifting capacity of 3600mm and is suitable for use indoors or in confined spaces. Its large capacity battery ensures long-lasting performance and ease of use.

ES15-15ES is a small, compact model that features AC electronics and an operator platform. Its tight turning angle allows the operator to operate the machine safely, even in tight spaces. Its soft compound wheels and low noise output make it an ideal choice for confined spaces. The ES15-15ES also features a programmable AC speed controller and can be operated by either left or right-handed operators.

The ES15 electric stacker is one of the most popular stackers available. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver through tight areas. Unlike other stackers, it does not produce exhaust fumes. Because of its battery and manual power, the semi electric stacker is safe for operation in confined spaces. It also does not make excessive noises while in use. As an added bonus, it does not require a license or any special training to operate. Nonetheless, operators are strongly encouraged to learn the basics of operation before operating a stacker to avoid injury or damage to the stacker.