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Infrared Microphone System

Infrared Microphone System

Infrared Microphone System

If you are looking for a great microphone, the best option is the Infrared Microphone System. This type of microphone eliminates radio frequency interference and allows trouble-free operation in multiple wireless systems. Infrared microphones are best used in karaoke rooms, private dining rooms, classrooms, and restaurants. Because they do not cause radio frequency interference, they are the best choice for a variety of applications.

Redmike VC version

The Redmike VC from Lightspeed Technologies uses IR carrier frequencies for transmission. The microphone has a two-button volume control which raises or lowers the output by 2dB with each push of a button. It also features an auxiliary audio input. The microphones are connected to the Redcat receiver, which is designed to sit on a tabletop. It includes IR sensors on both sides and two stereo audio inputs (RCA and 1/8in mini). The receiver is powered by a 20W amplifier, a 20Hz to 13kHz frequency response, and an aux output (1/8in mini jack).

The REDMIKE VC has an on/off/mute switch, a channel select switch, and an LED indicator to display charging and power status. The microphones have an alkaline battery and should be charged daily. You can also use an external microphone. The REDMIKE VC is compatible with a 3.5mm MIC jack. This version of the system has a range of ten meters.


The SpectraPulse Infra-Red Microphone System delivers clear audio, enabling you to conduct interviews and recordings without interference. It operates using Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, eliminating the need for complicated set-up. Additionally, SpectraPulse’s user-friendly operation and fourteen simultaneous channels ensure that your recording sessions will be free from interference.

The SpectraPulse Infra-Red Wireless Microphone System consists of four components: a digital receiver module (DRM141), a boundary mic/transmitter (MTU101), and a charging/encryption interface (CUI007). This system is compatible with both UWB and RF wireless microphone systems. Its main assembly includes a front bezel, a microphone transmitter unit, and a 25-foot shielded Cat-5 cable.

The SpectraPulse mtu101 Boundary Microphone Transmitter uses rechargeable AA NiMH batteries. It can charge seven mtu101 units in about 6 hours. In addition to providing superior audio quality, the SpectraPulse mtu101 is portable, lightweight, and has two line inputs. It operates in the 850-nanometer wavelength range and uses a mono polarized nickel-metal-hydride battery to power the microphone.


The CRS-CASE Infrared Mic System features a convenient locking compartment to store two or more IR microphones. It is recommended to install the system in the center of a room, where the IR sensors are equally spaced and where the microphones are easy to view. For best results, it is best to install the CRS-CASE close to audio sources. The unit is compatible with both Bluetooth and USB audio devices.

The CRS-CASE Infrared Mic System consists of IR Wireless Microphones that detect speech and convert it into IR pulses. The IR Sensors detect the IR pulses and pass them to the CRS-CASE, which then converts them to audio signals. Afterwards, the amplified signals are output via speakers. The system is ideal for classrooms that have multiple speakers.

IRQ-3650 Quantum II

The IRQ-3650 Quantum II Inferior Microphone System combines a powerful audio receiver with an infrared detecting sensor. The sensor collects the IR wireless signal from the microphone and sends it to the mixer. Once the IR signal reaches the Quantum II mixer, it is converted to an analog audio signal. Additional audio sources can be plugged into the Quantum II mixer through AUX IN jacks. The Quantum II mixer also has 3.5mm input jacks for connection to an assistive listening system or lesson capture software.

The IRQ-3650 Quantum II Inferior Microphone System by TeachLogic is the nucleus of a complete sound field system for the classroom. It turns any room into a hands-free sound reinforcement system for the teacher and student. The system also reduces voice fatigue and enhances student listening and learning. The system is a convenient way to connect up to three wireless microphones in one room.


IR-820SP Infrared microphone system has numerous benefits. This infrared microphone eliminates problems related to eavesdropping and interference. It also allows simultaneous use of adjacent school classrooms. This product is perfect for classrooms that are located in separate buildings. Here’s a review of its features. We hope you find it useful. Let us know in the comments below!


The IR-702T infrared mic system from TOA utilizes a unique infrared transmission technology, which eliminates RF interference and eavesdropping problems. It includes the IR-702T 2-Channel IR Tuner, IR-200M Hand-Held IR Microphone Transmitter, and IR-300M Body-Pack Microphone with External Mic Input, along with three IR remote receivers and a charging station.

The IR-702T features a two-channel infrared wireless tuner and infrared wireless microphone, eliminating interference issues. Both microphones can be used simultaneously in adjacent conference rooms with the help of the IR-702T’s mixer output and 3 pole phone jack. The IR-702T is compatible with TOA’s TS-800/900 Series infrared wireless conference systems.


The IR-700D Infrared microphone system is a rack-mountable audio device that provides easy wireless communication. It is a convenient wireless communication tool, preventing radio interference and eavesdropping. Unlike the visible red ray, the infrared ray is harmless to the human body. This is one of the most popular and versatile microphones on the market.

The TOA IR-700D Infrared Wireless Distributor is a high-performance, hands-free wireless microphone. This system eliminates the potential for eavesdropping and interference, and enables simultaneous use in two adjacent rooms. This wireless microphone system uses a rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery, and can operate continuously for eight hours. It can be used with two microphones, each with their own IR-700D transmitter.


The IR-20REC-KIT InfraRed Microphone System from OWI is a dual channel infrared wireless microphone system for academic and institutional settings. The kit includes a dual-channel receiver, two CRSIRS IR sensors, a CRS-PMIC Pendant Microphone, and two keys. Each channel features separate volume controls for clarity of sound.

The IRD-60 external IR sensor can be mounted in drop ceilings for full classroom coverage. It connects to an IR receiver with a coaxial cable. The IRCS-A kit includes a wireless IR microphone with an AC power supply for the receiver and transmitter. It also includes two wall chargers for the transmitters, four AA-size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, and an AC power adapter for the receiver. Speakers are not included in the kit.


The OWI IR20REC-KIT InfraRed Microphone System is a dual-channel infrared wireless microphone system designed for classroom and institutional use. It features a receiver, two CRSIRS IR sensors, CRS-PMIC Pendant Microphone, CRS-PBAT37 rechargeable battery, and CRS-LMIC lapel microphone with two keys.

This hands-free, dual-channel wireless microphone system connects to the CRS-101 wireless IR microphone system and uses the teacher’s unused IR channel. It can also be used as the only microphone in a classroom. It operates on two selectable IR frequencies and uses rechargeable AA NiMH batteries. Its battery life is eight hours. It is available in different models.