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Smart Front Door Lock Reviews

Smart Front Door Lock Reviews

smart front door lock

The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GoKeyless smart front door locks are all worth considering, but what makes them better than the rest? Which ones are most secure and useful? Read on for our review of the best smart front door locks. Which features are most appealing to you? Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your home or business. What’s more, we also explain the differences between Yale and GoKeyless, so you can make an informed decision.


If you are worried about burglars and break-ins, a Wi-Fi smart front door lock could be the answer. These locks can send an alert to your phone or security device if someone tries to enter your home without the proper code. The lock also features a wireless connection, which makes it convenient to operate from afar. It can also act as your personal doorman. For more information, check out our Wi-Fi smart door lock reviews below.

The Welock smart lock is compatible with various third-party applications. It can connect to the Apple TV or HomePod Mini. It also supports voice commands. The Welock does not support Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also does not work with Amazon Echo and Google Home. It does not require a third-party hub. It offers multiple keyless entry options, including proximity unlocking with a smartphone or remote unlocking using voice commands.

The Kwikset Aura is one such smart lock. It combines high-tech functionality with a traditional keypad. The Kwikset Aura works by pairing your smartphone with the lock’s Bluetooth capability. Then, with just a tap, you’re inside! While it’s not seamless, it is incredibly convenient. The Aura is compatible with a number of different phones and is available at a price below $200.

The Simpled smart lock is adjustable to fit any thickness of door and is compatible with Bluetooth devices. With WiFi connectivity, it is easy to use and secure. You can share the pin code with family members and unlock the door with a simple tap. You can even activate the door with voice assistants. This way, you’ll never have to worry about who is at the door. If you don’t have a smartphone, this is an excellent choice.

The Sense Schlage is a versatile smart lock with numerous applications. It’s a reliable option that’s highly rated for reliability and functionality. Its installation is easy, and it features a built-in alarm. It can also be controlled using a smartphone app, but it doesn’t work with Apple Homekit or Samsung SmartThings. So, what are your options? Which Wi-Fi smart door lock is right for you?


A Bluetooth smart front door lock allows you to unlock your door using a phone app. Bluetooth smart locks connect to your phone through Wi-Fi and receive instructions from your phone. Just download the app and input an access code. Most Bluetooth smart locks allow you to program a virtual key to use for temporary access to your home. This allows you to grant access to specific people without requiring a physical key. For extra security, consider a smart lock that uses a PIN or code.

Some Bluetooth smart front door locks are even connected to Wi-Fi so you can monitor your door activity from anywhere. Remote entry is another great feature. This feature lets you lock and unlock your home when you are not home, which is useful if someone forgets their keys or when you want to let a contractor in your home. Bluetooth connectivity also lets you unlock the door as you approach. Various keyless entry options are available, such as proximity unlocking with a smartphone or remote unlocking via voice commands. Some Bluetooth smart door locks also have touch or fingerprint recognition capabilities.

Another benefit of Bluetooth smart locks is that they operate even in a power outage. Most Bluetooth smart locks come with battery powered models. They can also be programmed to unlock only at certain times. They drain the battery of your smartphone quickly. If you need to use your lock 24/7, you should choose a battery-powered Bluetooth smart door lock. Once you’ve purchased a lock with a Bluetooth connection, you’ll never be without a smart home again.

A good Bluetooth smart lock is the Kwikset Kevo. You can get the Kevo Plus connect module for keyless access and remote control. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can consider Schlage Sense Bluetooth deadbolt. The Schlage lock comes with a Wi-Fi adapter. This means you can control your smart lock using Siri or your smart phone. These lock systems have many benefits, so it’s worth taking a look at one if you’re looking for an affordable Bluetooth smart front door lock.


The GoKeyless smart front door lock makes it easy for homeowners to automate their homes, providing security and convenience. The lock allows homeowners to set notifications and activity monitoring on their smartphone. It can also be configured wirelessly from a remote location. It combines advanced encryption and a strong construction to keep your family and possessions safe. If you have a busy day, this smart lock is an ideal choice. You can also set it up yourself with just a few simple steps.

The GoKeyless smart front door lock is compatible with other smart home devices, including lights and thermostats. It can even play your favorite music! If you’d like to automate your front door, you can choose between two popular models: the GoKeyless and the Kwikset Halo Touch Contemporary. Both models can be paired with a Wi-Fi network to automate many of your home functions.

The GoKeyless smart front door lock comes with a variety of styles. You can choose from many different designs, from modern to contemporary. You can use it to lock your front door or patio doors. You can even program the lock to let someone in without a key. It also comes with built-in alarms so you can be sure that no one will come in if you’re not home. You’ll be able to access the device from any location without having to carry around a spare key.

You can even integrate the GoKeyless smart front door lock with a Vivint home security app to let family members unlock your home. With a SmartHome integration, you’ll be alerted if someone tries to break into your home. Even though these electronic locks are human proof, they’re not foolproof. The possibility of forgetting the passcode or not having access to the GoKeyless SmartHome app can leave you stranded without access to a door code.

This lock also features a keypad for remote access. You can set up individual user codes for visitors, allowing you to monitor your home and prevent unwanted guests from entering. Depending on your preferences, you can program specific codes for each family member. In addition to keyless entry, the GoKeyless smart lock can send notifications via your phone and set an alarm if someone comes home unexpectedly. In addition to its convenience, the GoKeyless lock can also be programmed to lock when you leave a geofence.


The Yale smart front door lock has many benefits. Its BHMA Grade 2 certified deadbolt prevents keyed access, which keeps your home safe from lock picking and lost keys. Yale also offers a range of additional features, including voice assistant integration. These can make it an ideal addition to any home security system. To learn more about the different features of this lock, continue reading. We’ve listed a few of them below.

The Yale smart front door lock has a mobile application called the Yale Access App. This allows you to assign different PIN codes to different people for various access levels, such as temporary or scheduled access. It also gives you a history of unlockings, and geofencing capabilities. Whether you’re out shopping or relaxing at home, Yale’s smart front door lock can make it easier to stay safe while allowing access whenever you want.

The Yale smart front door lock includes a component known as Connected by August. The Connected by August component adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and it includes a sensor called DoorSense. This feature lets you know if anyone is trying to break in. Yale has also included a camera that lets you see what they’re up to when they come knocking at your door. The lock will also provide information about the weather outside your home.

The Yale Secure deadbolt, for example, replaces your current deadbolt with a touchscreen keypad that allows you to unlock your door remotely. HomeKit compatibility and optional Auto Relock means that you can control access to your home from your iPhone or iPad. It also offers built-in Wi-Fi and works with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. The downside of this Yale smart lock is that it lacks a limited warranty, but the Yale Connected Door Lock is relatively affordable and comes with technical support.

In addition to its countless benefits, the Yale smart lock also integrates with the SmartThings Hub and supports Z-Wave technology. If you use the Yale SmartThings Hub, you can even control it through the phone. You can also use the Yale smart lock to control other smart home features, such as a thermostat. If you are looking for a high-quality smart lock, it’s best to invest in one.