Hand Chain Hoists

Hand Chain Hoists

hand chain hoist

A hand chain hoist is a machine that uses a hand chain to lift heavy loads. These machines are typically compact, lightweight, and durable. Here are some points to consider when shopping for one. Generally, the length of the hand chain needed is two times the lift minus two feet. The hand chain travels in a loop when it’s wrapped around the hand chin wheel. However, the actual length of the hand chain depends on the lift.

Machine used to lift heavy loads

A hand chain hoist is a versatile machine for lifting and pulling heavy loads. Because it takes up minimal space, it is the ideal choice for tight spaces. Its features include a weather proof load holding brake, a twin pawl design, and all gears and shafts are mounted on roller bearings for smooth, maintenance-free operation. Moreover, its copper riveted ID tag ensures clear and distinct information.

The most common materials used for hand chain hoists are aluminum and steel. Steel hand chain hoists offer more strength and durability, and are ideal for industrial applications. While aluminum hand chain hoists are less bulky, they still provide excellent lifting power. Aluminum hand chain hoists are also available, and are often the best choice for construction sites and warehousing facilities. To choose the right machine for your needs, read on.

Hand chain hoists are designed to lift heavy loads by pulling the hand chain down from a platform. The operator pulls the hand chain, which turns a cog on the driveshaft and gears. This turns the sprocket, which in turn rotates the load chain. When the hand chain goes around the hand chin wheel, it forms a continuous loop, which raises and lowers the load.

Another type of hand chain hoist is electric. This machine features a motor and braking system, which amplify the transmitted torque from the motor. The concentrated force is then transmitted to a spline shaft that rotates the winding drum. The worker then pulls the hand chain several times, and turns a cog to lift the load. The hand chain hoist is easy to use and is one of the most common lifting tools.


The compact hand chain hoist from Harrington Hoists and Crane is lightweight and easy to operate, with a load capacity of 500 lbs. This chain hoist also features a Weston-type brake and overload protection. Its chain is made of stainless steel, nickel-plated Grade 100, and it features a Weston-type brake to prevent overload. It is also equipped with overload protection and low headroom design.

The Weston-type brake is low-maintenance, and is designed for precise load positioning and positive load control. This hand chain hoist is also lightweight, weighing only 6.1 pounds. The compact design makes it perfect for outdoor use. It also offers a high level of safety, thanks to its spring-loaded safety catches. A hand chain hoist is a versatile tool for many different lifting jobs. Here’s a brief review of some of the most common uses.

The compact hand chain hoist is ideal for a variety of uses. It is easy to install and features an easy-to-use design. Its double-pawl load brake ensures safe load attachments. Its forged lifting hooks are made of age-resistant steel that flexes when overloaded. It also features a 360-degree rotatable chain guide, which gives you more freedom and flexibility.

With 360-degree rotation, the compact hand chain hoist can be installed anywhere without blocking the workspace. The user can stand safely, and the hand chain is attached to the hoist’s rotating shaft. This feature prevents wear and tear on the chain. Moreover, the Yalelift 360 manual chain hoist is easy to operate from any angle or position. This design also provides the best operator safety. Hence, the Compact hand chain hoist is a great tool for any industrial workplace.


The lightweight Hand Chain Hoist is a convenient and versatile lifting equipment for any industrial application. Its compact design allows it to be installed anywhere and requires little headroom. Its other features include enclosed double ratchet pawls and self-adjusting disc brakes. Its stainless steel hooks and galvanized pull chain are durable and resistant to corrosion. Its safety latches and locking levers make it ideal for assembly and craft applications.

The Compact Mechanical Chain Hoist, or CX, is the world’s smallest industrial chain hoist. The compact design makes it easy to mount, and its advanced design overload limiter ensures smooth and safe operation. This model is designed to meet the demands of various workplaces, commercial building sites, and warehouses. Moreover, it features a rugged and lightweight die-cast aluminum housing and an overload limiter. Aside from its lightweight design, the CX is equipped with safety latches that prevent accidental release of the load.

Unlike conventional hand chain hoists, the CX is specifically designed for easy installation and loading. Its wide hook openings and rotational hooks make it easy to connect the hoist to various secure mounting points. In addition, its completely enclosed brake and gearing ensure complete protection from water and damage. Thus, its maintenance is simple, and it performs well for longer. Aside from its durability, this hand chain hoist also saves space in your warehouse.

A hand chain hoist is an efficient lifting device that is operated by pulling a hand chain. This mechanical lifting tool has several parts and is suitable for a variety of lifting applications. Unlike its electrical counterpart, the Hand Chain Hoist can be used in remote locations and harsh environments. They are lightweight and durable and can be incorporated into many modern industrial applications. They are the perfect solution for precision lifting applications. They are also available with an extensive specification range.


This rugged hand chain hoist is a great choice for industrial applications. It features a weight capacity of 4400 pounds/2 tons and a lifting height of 7 ft/2 m. The chain hoist has a heavy-duty steel hook and a safety latch that allows it to lift a variety of heavy objects. Other features include a slip-clutch to prevent overloading and an efficient drive train. Lastly, the hand chain hoist’s compact design and low-profile construction make it easy to transport.

Hand hoists can be used for pulling or lifting materials and have a low footprint, making them ideal for tight spaces. The Fully Enclosed Gearing keeps the gears and bearings clean and corrosion-free, and the Dual Pawl Design is unique and highly durable. All gears and shafts are run on roller bearings, providing smooth, maintenance-free operation. The hand chain is fitted with copper riveted ID tags that keep clear, distinct information.

Another feature of hand chain hoists is their reliability. Hand chain hoists are safe to use because they feature closed-chain housings, precision-machined gears, and recessed pockets for the hand chain. The hand chain hoists also feature small, portable footprints, which makes them suitable for many workplaces. A hand chain hoist is also useful in explosive environments. This is because it provides a safe, easy, and quick method of lifting loads vertically.

In addition to their versatility, hand chain hoists have the added benefit of being spark-resistant. These hoists are designed to meet ATEX requirements, which is a multi-level technical standard that applies to all industrial equipment. The OZ Lifting Products’ Spark Resistant Chain Hoists are certified as explosion-proof and are suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2. Moreover, they feature an exclusive Hand Wheel Design that prevents hand chain jamming and prevents it from jamming.


Designed with light weight in mind, the versatile hand chain hoist is often used to lift automotive parts from jib cranes. The capacity ranges from half a ton to twenty-five tons, and the units can even have overload protection. In addition, the hand chain can be operated from different angles. In addition, a standard safety latch prevents the hoist from accidentally falling while in use. The low headroom model is lightweight and available in seven to fourteen-day delivery.

This versatile hand chain hoist from CM is the smallest of its kind on the market and is ideal for low-capacity, on-the-job lifts. Its rotating hand chain guide allows the operator to operate from virtually any angle, ensuring safe, convenient load maneuverability. Its heat-treated flex hook resists breakage and is designed for rugged conditions. This model is also compact and easy to store in a toolbox.

The six-foot Hand Chain and Plain Trolley hoists have steel loadbars that connect directly to the hoist’s frame. They are suitable for flat and sloped beams. High-efficiency spur gearing ensures smooth lifting, while forged liftwheel pockets ensure free chaining. The frame and covers are aluminum castings, and load limiters help prevent overloads. There are low-headroom versions available with jam-proof chain guides and self-adjusting brakes.

The versatility of the hand chain hoist is evident by its use in different industries. A well-designed hand chain hoist reduces the strain and effort involved in lifting a load, and the slip clutch helps the operator maintain balance in an overload situation. Hand chain hoists are also lightweight and durable. When choosing a hand chain hoist for your jobsite, take into consideration the size of the job and the amount of lifting you need to do.