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A concrete mixing plant  is a facility for producing various grades of concrete and mortar mixtures.

Facilities are used to construct buildings such as roads, bridges, houses, and cabins, and have specific configurations and outputs, depending on the volume of production. Construction is not possible without building materials. The most popular of these is concrete. To achieve the high quality and required speed of the work performed, you need to ensure an uninterrupted supply of solutions.

This causes the following problems:

  • The transport of concrete mixtures for the construction of large installations is too expensive.
  • There is no guarantee that the concrete mix will always be of the right quality.
  • There is no guarantee that delivery will always be on time.

Installation of concrete mortar aggregates at the construction site can solve all the above problems.

Description of Concrete Batching Plant

The latest mortar concrete unit is a special device designed for the production of different types of concrete mixtures. For medium and large construction companies, using a concrete plant is a more convenient and cost-effective way than buying concrete and transporting it to a construction site using a mixer. When fully charged, concrete blocks provide very fast equipment recovery.

One of the most important advantages of is the ability to implement mortar production at construction sites. Using concrete mortar aggregates saves time and money by avoiding downtime during construction. Thanks to the latest automation tools, the labor intensity of production can be significantly reduced.

By automating the technical process, you can adjust more production parameters and produce a variety of products that are better suited to your recipe.

Concrete mixing units typically include the following functional elements:

  • Service container for inactive fill material.
  • An additional plasticizer dispenser block.
  • Cement and water storage tanks (containers).
  • Sand and sand dispenser-conveyor.
  • Pneumatic system.
  • Inclined transport.
  • control unit.
    • Concrete mixer.



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