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Osmosis Water: Healthy Water or Unnecessary Hype?


Osmosis water should be particularly pure and free from any pollutants and chemicals. Sounds good, but on the other hand, so-called reverse osmosis systems should also harbor risks.


Osmosis water is a new trend product that promises particularly high water quality. Clean, high-quality drinking water almost always comes directly from the tap. Nevertheless, more and more people rely on additional filters to improve water quality. Reverse osmosis filters are among the most popular, but also the most expensive devices. Is the purchase really worth it? Opinions about reverse osmosis water are divided.


The biggest point of criticism of reverse osmosis filters is that the technology also filters valuable minerals from the water in addition to pollutants. These vital trace elements include, for example, magnesium or zinc, which are contained in natural drinking water.


However, it is disputed to what extent the minerals contained in water can make a significant contribution to our nutrient requirements. The US National Research Council Safe Drinking Water Committee addressed this question as early as 1980. 

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The conclusion: The minerals typically contained in the water contribute only a small part to the human nutrient requirement, which should not be neglected. For example, in order to cover the daily requirement of magnesium and iron, a person would have to drink around 50 liters of water! If you pay attention to a balanced diet, you can easily cover your mineral requirements with it.


A possible solution for osmosis water: remineralization of the filtered water, i.e. adding desirable minerals afterward.


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