What Do You Mean By Custom Water Glass Casting?

Water Glass Casting


Water Glass Casting is the process of making castings at room temperature. This is a simple and low-cost method to produce good-quality castings with intricate shapes.

investment casting


This process is also known as Silicate Bonded Sand or Sodium Silicate Sand Process. In this method, sand is bonded by sodium silicate which is called water glass. 


The chemical name of sodium silicate is sodium metasilicate (Na2SiO3). The name water glass indicates that its aqueous solution is slightly alkaline and viscous in nature.


The main advantage of this process is that the mold preparation does not need any special equipment like a high-pressure compressed air system for molding sand compaction for green sand molding. A simple pattern can be used without any special preparation for the core set.


Furthermore, the water glass is a very versatile material that can be used as an adhesive, an anti-rust agent, and a refractory material.


Mold made by water glass casting process can be used for producing ferrous and non-ferrous castings by using same or different types of metal alloys.

The Bottom Line:

Water glass casting is a type of permanent mold casting but it is not limited to metals. It is used to cast concrete and sometimes plaster, but it can also be used to cast wax and hot melt glue for investment casting. You can even now avail custom water glass casting for your personal project from any renowned manufacturers such as Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing.

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