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 Water is essential for our life and clean water is the main element of our life. We cannot drink water directly from the sea and oceans as it is salty. Water has to pass through several series of treatments that make them fit for drinking. Filter plays an important role in doing so. It is a process that removes the particles from the suspension in water. Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture of fluid containing all the solid particles which are large for sedimentation. All such particles removal from water takes place through several mechanisms such as flocculation, straining, sedimentation, and surface capture.

If you are also looking for the best filters, then you are on the right page! Guangzhou Olansi water treatment limited are the professional dealers and manufacturers of water filters working for a decade now. They deal in the purchase and sale of various equipment including air and water purifiers, water dispensers, and other accessories. Olansi water treatment as a company holds a powerful R&D team having qualified and professional designers. They also provide the best services of OEM and ODM to their customers.

Features of filters

  • The filters manufactured on Olansi Water Treatment Limited includes various features such as:
  • It includes a cold catalyst filter which is responsible for the adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC.
  • It is equipped with a Honeycomb activated carbon filter and is associated with rapid adsorption of odor and decomposition of benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde.
  • It contains an antibacterial filter that helps to remove fine particles such as motes, microbes, and bacterial.
  • There is high efficient HEPA filter too which helps in eliminating dust, mold, and allergens.
  • There is also an ultraviolet sterilize light that rapidly kills the viruses and bacteria and owns an anion purification setup which improves air quality and is excellent for health benefits.

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