Fiber laser cutting machine

Top-notch laser fabric cutting machine

The textile industry is one of the ever-growing industries in the world. Let us face it, the more our population grows the more our demand for fabrics. Fabrics can be used to make clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and other things. To get quality fabric products then there has to be a top-notch fabric cutter that can do a high capacity workload. Hanma Company is one of the companies that has dedicated more than 12 years of its existence to producing top-notch laser fabric cutting machines. The HM-SM series is one of the fabric cutting machines that are available for sale when you check out the company’s website. Below are some of the features that make the HM-SM series stand out.

Features of the HM-SM series machine

  • High inertia – The traditional garment cutting machines utilize a conveyor belt to get momentum on their cutting machines. However, this does not provide precision to the end product. Hanma Company has solved this problem by using high inertia and torque to make sure there is precision when cutting and garments.
  • High speed -The machine has an automated feeding system that ensures that the machine saves time and thus increases the output efficiency of the machine.
  • SLR – The machine has a high definition digital SLR that aids it in recognizing and doing precision imaging of the fabric before it is cut according to your desired specification. It can process large formats and different patterns simultaneously.


The HM-SM fabric cutting machine is a must-have if you are involved in the fabric and garment industry. You can feed your specifications to the machine and leave it all to the HM-SM series master.



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