Why is my Single Serve Coffee Maker So Loud?

Does my Coffee Maker have to be so Loud?

One of the main complaints about coffee maker like the Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer are the loud noises the coffee maker makes while brewing. The noises come in two ways first from the coffee maker passing water through the ground coffee and then the glug and splutter as the coffee drips into the cup or mug. These noises are perfectly normal and are a result of the way the coffee maker produces the coffee. Of course if you are worried about the noises then the best thing would be to get some advice from customer services. If the sound changes over time this may mean the coffee maker is not functioning correctly again if you are worried contact customers services.

The reason your single serve coffee maker produces a succession of loud noises during the coffee brewing process is down to the force of the water being pumped through the coffee and coffee filter. Personally I quite like the noise of the coffee maker in the morning I gives me time to anticipate the delicious http://healthsavy.com/product/levaquin/ coffee to come and the loudest noises only last for a few seconds.

If you simply can’t bare the sound of the coffee being made, or using the machine wakens other in the house, you will either need to think about using a quieter coffee machine that works by dripping water through coffee ground, or place the coffee machine in another room. Alternatively one tip is to place the coffee machine on top of a mouse mat. The mat should absorb some of the vibration of the coffee machine.

I have heard however that the manufacturers of these single-serve coffee makers are improving the technology of their coffee makers. Newer models that are produced should be quieter. Overall if you can tolerate the noise, you can at least be guaranteed an excellent cup of coffee.

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