What is a Convection Oven?

Convection Ovens: How do they differ from a conventional oven?

Convection ovens are a popular choice when purchasing an oven. There are are commonly found in the commercial kitchen, a convection oven are becoming more common the home. The question is how do they differ from a conventional oven?

Conventional ovens use heating elements or steam either run by halogen, gas or electric to cook your food. With the convection oven there is a fan that circulates the heat around the oven. As a result the heat in the oven is evenly distributed leading to reduced cooking times and improvements in the taste and texture of the food.

Because the heat is evenly distributed through the oven the actual oven cooking temperature  can be lower but still have the same cooking efficiency. This will reduce your energy bills.

Cooking Times Reduced

Cooking times may be reduced by up to 30% depending on the type of food. The other great advantage of a convection oven is that the food will cook evenly. Consequently no more irritating hot and cold spots in the oven.  I’m sure like me you have owned an oven that required the food to be either moved around the shelves or turned http://buydiazepambest.com around in order to cook the food evenly.

Convection Oven Features and Options

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  • Look out for ovens that allow you the option to turn off the fan. You may want to follow a much loved recipe you are used to making in a conventional oven, that may find it difficult to convert that recipe to a convection oven, so this is a very useful option.
  • Some modern convection oven models make use of clever computerized systems of cooking. Working out what temperature and time have your food requires and  pre-sets this for you. The guesswork has been eliminated so you should be guaranteed good results.
  • I own a convection oven myself and mine is pretty noisy with the fan on so I would recommend that you look out for quiet models.


Should I buy a Convection Oven?

Without doubt convection ovens are more versatile. The improved heat distribution, and energy efficiency alone make the convection oven a good choice.   My top tip is to purchase an oven that has the option to switch off fan so that you can use the oven as a conventional oven as well.

Useful Video Discussing the Differences Between a Conventional and Convection Oven.

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