Vintage Red Kitchen Canister Storage Sets

Adding a vintage red canister set to your kitchen will help you to achieve the vintage or retro look to you kitchen decor. Here are three of my favorite designs that can be bought new but with vintage looks.

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Enamel Red Kitchen Storage Jars

When I think of retro or vintage items for the kitchen I tend to think of enamel, with old-fashioned styling and designs. Just like the Typhoon set of tea coffee and sugar canisters featured above on the right for this reason.

Red Glass Kitchen Canister Sets

However, when I was searching for suitable items to feature here I came across a set of red glass mason jars that were a canister set. I just loved the look of these, particularly the way the paint has been rubbed off giving a retro shabby chic look and the black paint that was painted underneath now shows through in parts. With tight-fitting lids, these are ideal for storing consumables.

How to Achieve a Vintage, Retro or Shabby Chic Look with Red Kitchen Canisters

  • look for metal canisters that have been powder coated to produce a robust finish.
  • look out for thrift shop or antique shop finds.
  • look for kitchen canisters that have words written on them e.g. coffee in vintage style fonts.
  • consider storage jars that have been purposely aged so that look old and worn for a shabby chic look.
  • if you are storing perishable goods in your canisters make sure they are air tight. Alternatively, you can place strong polyethene bags inside the canisters and store your goods inside the bag. This tip could be useful if you love the look of the canisters but need the canister to be air tight.


Red Vintage Metal 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Red Vintage Kitchen Storage Canister Sets

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