Top 10 Red Kitchen Gadgets

Here is a personal list of my must have gadgets for the kitchen. You may have your own preferences but these gadgets are complete essentials in my kitchen and are used at least on a weekly basis. Continuing the theme of red kitchen accessories I have tried to find products that are red.  The only gadget I couldn’t find in a red version was the spiral vegetable cutter but as I find this gadget so useful I though I would keep it in.

One thing you may notice from my top ten list of gadgets is I like to have small gadgets. All the gadgets I have chosen except the salad spinner will either fit into a drawer or kitchen cupboard. I do this for the simple reason I have many times “re-homed” gadgets simple because of the space they take up in my cupboards, so if there is a small version that is what I buy…..
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1. Kitchen Scales

Escali Digital Scale

Kitchen scales are an absolute must have in any kitchen. Certainly my set of kitchen scales gets used daily. My preference is for a thin light set of digital scales that I can store in moments on a cupboard shelf. Alternatively there are sets of red scales that are quite large but they do look attractive these can be left on the kitchen counter.

2. Timer

100-Minute Mini Timer, Red

I’m pretty absent minded so I rely on my timer to remind when my food will be cooked or is in need of another step in the recipe like basting the turkey. I actually have 3 timers so I can keep track of more than one recipe at a time. I have a selection of timers but my preference is for a digital timer with big numbers on it that sticks to the refrigerator door like the timer by Polder featured here..


3. Microplane Grater

Microplane Grater, Red

Graters are another gadget essential. If I have large quantities of food to grate I just run it through a food processor but if I need just small amounts of say Parmesan cheese then I turn to a grater. I really like the graters made by microplane I have a set of three different sizes to  deal with a range of foods. The blades are really sharp (mind your fingers) so the job gets done well and fast.

4. Can Opener


Amco Can Opener, Red

The can opener is a gadget no one can do without. There was a time when I used to get through a couple of can openers a year. Now I look for the type pictured here that has a cutting blade that goes into the top of the can. I find these last a lot longer.

5. Salad Spinner


Guzzini Salad Spinner, Red

I have to have a salad spinner in my kitchen. I grow my own vegetables so I need to spend time washing and sorting through my lettuce, (no one wants to eat a slug!!!). I find washing the lettuce a pain in the neck but a good quality salad spinner makes the process of drying the lettuce almost a pleasure.

6. Turkey Baster


Red Turkey Baster

I like to have a turkey baster to hand. Yes I know you can use a spoon to pick up the meat juices and baste the meat, but I find a turkey baster does the job so much easier. I use my turkey baster often for example when I cook pork chops and chicken breasts I baste these through the cooking time. So it doesn’t just languish in the drawer all year waiting for thanksgiving and christmas…..

7. Garlic Press


Trudeau Garlic Press, Red

I know a garlic press isn’t 100% essential, it is easy enough to chop a garlic clove up using a knife. With a garlic press however you can place the whole unpeeled cloves in the press and you can produce minced garlic in second, no smelly hands and chopping board. Not all garlic presses are made equally however. Look for a garlic press that has a tight fitting pressing plate so that the garlic doesn’t squish up the sides.

8. Spiral Vegetable Cutter

Spirelli Spiral Vegetable Cutter

You will be thinking “what is she thinking” this is a rubbish gadget that will never be used. Well let me explain. I like to eat a low carbohydrate gluten free diet, as it is my belief that this diet is the best for health. One thing you miss on a low carb diet is pasta or noodles. With this gadget I can quickly make low carb “pasta” from a zucchini. There is absolutely no way that I could make these just using a knife.  I know this is on my top 10 gadget list but I doubt if it would be on many others.

9. Vegetable peeler


Kyocera Red Vegetable Peeler

This gadget is a no brainer, you can of course use a knife to peel your potatoes and carrots but the job is a lot quicker with a vegetable peeler.  The vegetable peeler can also be used to make shavings of Parmesan cheese and chocolate. Also it is useful to make thin strips of zucchini and carrots etc to put into a salad.

10. Meat Thermometer

Red Digital Instant Read Thermometer

I have only started to use a meat thermometer when cooking recently since reading a book by Harold McGee called “McGee on Food and Cooking”.  In this book he takes a scientific look at how to achieve the best results in cooking. One of his must have gadgets is the meat thermometer which you can use to produce a prefect steak or succulent stew. I has certainly transformed the way that I cook.

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