Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Breadmaker

Breadmaker Use Tips for Producing Good Results

Breadmaker can be a practical and money saving investment, but not if it is left languishing in your appliance graveyard at the back of your cupboard with the pie maker the pizza maker etc. To make up batches of fresh and healthy bread you just need a little organisation. Here are a few of my top tips for producing loaves of bread and getting the most from your breadmaker. [green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Use the timer function – if you want fresh loaves of bread for breakfast, place all the ingredients into the breadmaker and set the timer while you are making the evening meal then it is all done while you are already in the kitchen.
  • Keep a tiny notebook of your top 3 recipes. A good idea is to place this into the machine bowl when it is not being used. This means you have the recipe immediately to hand and you can then make up the recipe fast. You can dig out recipes for different types of breads at the weekends when you have more time.
  • Keep a good supply of ingredients close at hand. I like to put my flour into a large container, and to keep this close to hand with the measuring cup already inside. The salt and dried yeast is kept near by as well. Then in moments you can chuck all the ingredients into breadmaker mixing bowl and away you go…..
  • Don’t forget the breadmakers is can be used for other things, like jam making, meatloaf and cakes.
  • Use the right type and a good quality flour. Make sure you measure out the yeast and salt carefully making a mistake with those ingredients and you can end up with sub standard loaf…
  • Experiment with the settings so that you end up with exactly the type of loaf you want. Most breadmakers have options for the crust color, try out the different options until you have the result you want.


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