Tips for Easy Clean Up of Your Food Processor

Food Processor Clean Up Tips

I have spoken to several people that have food processors but don’t use them as often as they should, why? Well the answer is they can’t bare to clean the processor after use. It’s a shame because the processor can save you so much time with food preperation.

So here are a few tips to help you get the most from your food processor by making the clean up quick and easy.

You should always refer to the cleaning recommendations of the manufacturer of your processor.

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  • A word of warning the blades on the food processor are really sharp so make sure you handle these very carefully. If you are loading them into a dishwasher take care to keep the blades away from other utensils so they can be seen. Someone else may be emptying the dishwasher and they need to see the blades.
  • Check first but most food processors are dishwasher safe. If you have a dishwasher just load the bowl, top, feeder tube and processor blades into the dishwasher. I find these take up a lot of space so generally I just wash up by hand.
  • If washing by hand I deal with the blades first. These are never dropping into the dishwasher bowl, instead they are dealt with immediately. I just use a bowl of hot soapy water and use a cloth or a dish wash brush to carefully clean the blades. Then the blades are placed on a rack to dry.
  • The main motor housing should never be placed in water. To clean the housing simply wipe over with a damp cloth.
  • I find the method for cleaning up the processor bowl and blade that involves just putting in dish washer detergent and water into the bowl and whizzing up the machine totally ineffective. You could give this a try it may work for you….



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