Simple tips to compose benefits and drawbacks essay Part 2 writing task IELTS exam

Simple tips to compose benefits and drawbacks essay Part 2 writing task IELTS exam

The thing that is first do when it comes to your reaction would be to underline the key words into the sentence. exactly What areas in case you give attention to?

Many young adults today leave their very own countries to focus abroad . Talk about the benefits and drawbacks of working abroad and provide yours viewpoint .

Incorporate yours experience. Consider why you’re taking the IELTS exam; do you wish to get abroad ( to go out of your country that is own work or learn? Which are the advantages of you in going abroad, and so are there any drawbacks? Exactly just What might take place while you’re in a country that is foreign? Earn some records beneath the headings pros and cons . These can help whenever you arrive at compose your essay.

Which design is suitable, informal or formal? The IELTS exam tests students’ abilities to cope with higher level product and texts that are academic. a writing that is formal is, consequently, crucial.

The essay shall have at the very least four paragraphs and also you need certainly to comprehend how exactly to go efficiently from a single paragraph to another location. Essentially, every time you start a brand new subject you begin a brand new paragraph. You begin a new paragraph when the time you are writing about changes if you are writing about different times.

The plan or outline with this essay could appear to be this:

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Paragraph 2: advantages of teenagers working abroad

Paragraph 3: drawbacks for teenagers working abroad

Paragraph 4: Summary by which you summarize and provide your own personal viewpoint

Introduction: Paragraph 1

Within the Introduction you utilize exactly the same key term being within the rubric (the question). You can easily paraphrase them, or just alter a few terms and the term purchase. As an example, you might start similar to this:

it really is now fairly typical for teenagers to go out of their countries that are own purchase to get work abroad.

It is stating the main topics the essay which is the sentence that is“topic with this paragraph. You need to continue steadily to mention there are benefits and drawbacks in this example :

Just like many important choices, you will find both pros and cons into the option that is made.

Therefore, those two sentences introduce the main topic of the essay consequently they are what you need to compose. The introduction doesn’t need to be very long .

It really is now fairly typical for young adults to go out of their countries that are own order to locate work abroad. Much like most important decisions, you will find both pros and cons within the option this is certainly made.

Paragraph 2: Benefits

What advantages did you would imagine of? You may have considered cash . There is certainly a strong opportunity that a young individual who migrates is looking to secure better paid work. Additionally, numerous migrants into the British and US like to help you their loved ones by giving remittances (money delivered from abroad), thereby benefiting from employed in a nation with a currency that is strong.

Financial reasons are possibly the most crucial whenever determining to work with a country that is foreign. But exactly what other reasons motivate young adults to go out of their very own nations?

It is stated that travel broadens the head while you meet individuals from a tradition that will be different to yours. It is a point that will easily be expanded on. Think about your very own experiences.

Therefore listed here are two points for the person that is young keep his / her very own nation and head to work abroad.

You ought to start paragraph 2 with a subject phrase (in other words. Talk about advantages) and expand on it then with tangible examples. Utilizing a subject phrase keeps you centered on exactly just exactly what should really be contained in the paragraph.

Topic phrase : There are lots of features of going to some other national nation to your workplace.

Offer one benefit, followed closely by a 2nd (and third if you want). So you may compose something such as this:

The aspect that is financial migrating might very well be the main. A new one who lives in a still-developing country can earn much more if he or she works in a nation with an enhanced economy. Currencies this kind of nations are generally stronger than into the migrant’s homeland and so money is repaid to families by means of remittances. Theses will allow the grouped family members to own an improved quality lifestyle.

A 2nd benefit to working abroad is this one gets to generally meet brand brand new individuals and then make brand brand brand new buddies from different countries. This is often exciting and it shall broaden one’s perspectives and perspective.

You might like to keep on with this relative type of argument and state that whenever you meet folks from various countries it is possible to are more tolerant and comprehension of folks from countries except that your very own.

Other lines of idea could be included also. a new individual will gain work experience and discover additional skills, that will be of good use when they choose to come back to their homeland. Furthermore, they’re going to (most likely) have discovered a brand new language and become experienced in its usage, that will additionally gain them later on in life.

Paragraph 3: Drawbacks

In this paragraph you ought to point out the benefits you have actually placed in paragraph 2 and state why there might be downsides every single of those.

Whenever we first think about the monetary facets of working abroad, the drawbacks are that the expense of residing might be a lot higher than expected. That could imply that there is small cash to send home and also this frustration might trigger emotions of regret and shame about having kept your family. You will see fees to cover and social protection too, that may n’t have been taken into account. Accommodation costs could additionally be a lot higher than anticipated.

Going to a new nation also can cause culture shock. The young migrant might be left with the impression that everything is strange, alien and unpleasant after an initial period of excitement.

Neither will there be any guarantee that the migrant shall be accepted because of the host nation. Unfortunately, many individuals resent migrants, that are accused of using jobs, pushing up rents and undermining the indigenous tradition.

So Now you need to write an interest phrase with this 3rd (or 4th) paragraph.

Nevertheless, there might be drawbacks for the person that is young chooses working abroad.

Continue steadily to mention exactly what these drawbacks are:-

To start with a person that is young discover that although wages are greater than in their own personal nation, therefore could be the price of residing. It might, consequently, be tough to pay bills. This may signify no (or hardly any) cash is delivered house, and also this could trigger feelings of guilt and regret at having kept.

Next, whilst it could be that in the beginning a young individual could be worked up about being in a foreign nation, fundamentally she or he might suffer with tradition surprise, which is often exceptionally unpleasant. The individual might need to go back to their country that is own but this is certainly economically impossible. Homesickness is a really typical feeling.

These negative emotions may additionally happen in the event that young individual satisfies people, possibly peers, that are racist and resent foreigners. Although folks are generally tolerant, some social individuals are perhaps not.

Note: “To make ends fulfill” is definitely an idiom and it is utilized to imply that you make and invest equal levels of cash, so that you don’t enter into financial obligation.


So Now you need to summarize that which you have actually written and present your opinion. You think that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks?

Can you remember everything we did into the paragraph that is first? We utilized a few of the terms through the rubric and we’ll repeat this once again into the summary into the sentence that is topic.

You can find both pros and cons for young adults whom work abroad .

So Now you give your opinion:-

But, i really believe that the benefits by far outweigh the drawbacks, since the experience a new individual gains from working abroad and becoming separate would be priceless.

This might be an opinion that is positive saying there are more benefits than drawbacks plus it provides a brand new basis for thinking this – experience and becoming independent.

Now this is actually the other viewpoint which may come following the topic sentence:

I believe the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Young adults who’ve never kept their loved ones prior to might well have problems with homesickness, of course they encounter problems within the international country this can lead to a state of despair. I believe young adults should you will need to work with their homeland and stay near to their own families.

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