Shabby Chic Kitchen Canisters

Add French Flea Market Style to your Kitchen with Shabby Chic Kitchen Canisters Sets

Here are my favorite shabby chic kitchen canister sets. The shabby chic look for the kitchen involves sourcing the types of products you can buy in French Flea markets. Of course, most of us can’t get to visit one of these markets so buying new pieces that have an antique vintage yet distressed look will be a great alternative.


Red Shabby Chic Canister SetRed Shabby Chic Canister SetCeramic Shabby Chic Kitchen CanistersCeramic Shabby Chic Kitchen CanistersShabby Chic Kitchen CanistersShabby Chic Kitchen Canisters

Red Shabby Chic Kitchen Canister Sets

Above you will see that I have picked out three great sets. The first on the left is predominantly red with a gorgeous red rose print on the side.

The first on the left is predominantly red with a gorgeous red rose print on the side. These are made from powder coated enamel. The design is very French looking.

The storage jar set featured in the middle are hand finished ceramic that features a lovely heart design. l love that these have a gasket in the lid that will keep the contents fresh.

The last set of French style storage tins come with 7 pieces in the set. On the tins are the content words in French. For example, Sucre for Sugar and Cafe for coffee. What I like about this set is the way that each piece is different, some have a striped design others a solid red background. Also, each piece is a different size.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor Ideas: Tips on Achieving a Shabby Chic look in your Kitchen

  • look out for sets of canisters that don’t match. Or collect sets of unmatching canisters.
  • when you buy new items they need to have an old well used distressed look.
  • if you are very lucky you may find original vintage shabby chic style pieces in antique stores or thrift stores.
  • choose items that have a faded paler color scheme.
  • you can re-purpose old kitchen decor pieces like jars, canisters and storage boxes by painting the object. Then giving the item a distressed look, by sanding back the paint in parts to reveal the underneath layers. Aim to sand back the paint in those areas that would wear naturally.
  • look online for pictures of shabby chic kitchens to get inspiration.
  • aim for a few really nice pieces rather than over cluttering your kitchen countertops.
  • match with distressed painted wooden furniture, like dressers, tables and chairs.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor Red Kitchen Canister Sets



How to Make Distressed Shabby Chic Kitchen Canisters

Here is a great tutorial. It shows us how to make stylish kitchen storage from Mason jars. You can make these any color you like. Also, this would work on ceramic or even enamel. Just make sure you have the right kind of paint.


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