Add Style to your Kitchen with Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories

I just love shabby chic kitchen accessories, a great look in any kitchen. To get the look choose items that have an old fashioned and slightly worn and used look. Shabby chic items should be made of materials, like wood, bare metal or enamel that can take on the appearance of wear that has been caused naturally by years of use.
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For this reason try to avoid items made from plastic.

These days it is quite hard to find original pieces of shabby chic items, but never mind as there are plenty of new products that have been given the shabby chic treatment. If you are following a red theme to the décor in your kitchen, you will find it hard to find solid red items with the shabby chic look. However there are kitchen accessories available to buy that have hints of red on them like the enamel cannisters below that have red rose motifs.

I really love the red shabby chic clock featured below would look beautiful in any country style kitchen. Below I have picked out 6 of my favorite red shabby chic pieces, hope you like these are much as I do…..

White Canister Set w/ French Chic Red Roses, Vintage Shabby Chic Canister Set ~E6 Kitchen Storage Canisters ~ Decorative Containers ~ Shabby Chic White Enamel Finish
Vintage Shabby Chic Canister Set

Vintage Style Salt and Pepper Shakers with Bird Accent
Vintage Style Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Country Canister Set ~Kitchen Storage Canisters ~ Decorative Containers E3~ French Country Red Enamel with Decoupage Roosters
Vintage Country Canister Set

Shabby Paris Chic Wooden Clock Home Decor - Red
Shabby Paris Chic Clock

Decorative French Country Wall Plaques
French Country Wall Plaques

Shabby Chic Clock with Red Case and Distressed Dial
Shabby Chic Red Clock


This is a video which describes a lovely simple idea you could follow to modify some cheap storage jars to the Shabby Chic look.

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