Saving Money with a Breadmaker

Lets jump right in a see if we can save money with a breadmaker. To begin with you won’t be able to make bread at home that is as cheap as the cheapest supermarket bread, the nasty white plastic sliced bread made by the Chorleywood process. However the type of bread you can make in a breadmaker is a much better quality than the cheapest supermarket bread.

A whole wheat or quality white loaf costs around $2, and an artisan type organic loaf will cost around $3-5 dollars and possibly more. If you are looking at specialty loaves like sourdough then you might pay as much as $7 a loaf.

The biggest variable is the cost of the flour. If you look around you may be able to buy flour in bulk, but you should be able to buy white or whole wheat flour at around $.60 per pound. The other ingredients like the yeast, oil and salt will cost a few cents per loaf. So lets say each homemade loaf costs $.70 for ingredients. Each loaf takes about 1 pound of flour.

An average person will eat around 80 loaves of bread a year so this will cost $56 per year. For a shop bought bread that would cost $160, so if you have a family to feed you can see how the savings will add up. If you are going to compare the cost of making an organic or a specialty bread then the savings are much more substantial.

I have even heard of people buying in the organic whole wheat berries and grinding these yourself to make flour. In this instance you can make even more savings, it does however mean buying in large bags of whole grains (up to 50 pounds) not a practical proposition for everyone. Plus you will need a grain mill which can cost around $180. This is for the committed breadmaker but an option never the less.

In conclusion there is plenty of savings to be made by making bread at home, however you do need to make sure  that when you buy a breadmaker you will actually use otherwise you have spent a lot of money on  an appliance that will never be used. Just think of the number of times you have seen breadmakers for sale at garage sales…..

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