Best Red Kitchen Utensil Holders and Crocks

Every kitchen needs a utensil holder to sit on your counter-top with a suitable selection of kitchen utensils sitting inside.

When you are cooking it is handy to be able to just grab the utensil you need from a holder instead of searching around in drawers. There are plenty of red utensil holders to choose from. These include holders in plain red to all kinds of patterns and 3D shapes. Utensil holders are available either on their own or with a selection of utensils.

Red Apple Ceramic Utensil Holder with Wooden Spoon Set

This is another lovely looking red apple themed utensil holder. It provides plenty of room for all your utensils and gadgets. I could see this making a great house warming gift.

Tuscany Apple Kitchen Utensil Holder SetTuscany Apple Kitchen Utensil Holder Set

Red Le Creuset Utensil Holder and Silicone Utensil Set

Le Creuset has produced this large ceramic utensil holder to coordinate with their red cookware range. The pattern is very striking as the red color goes from a dark red a the bottom and fades to a lighter color at the top. Included in the set are 6 silicone utensils which includes a basting brush and a selection of 5 spatulas. This is a lovely and tasteful looking utensil holder.

Le Creuset Revolution 6-Piece Silicone Kitchen Set, Cerise (Cherry Red)Le Creuset Revolution 6-Piece Silicone Kitchen Set, Cerise (Cherry Red)

Reston Lloyd 5 pc. Utensil Holder Set price
Reston Lloyd 5 pc. Utensil Holder Set
This useful red utensil holders comes complete with, a large spoon, ladle, spatula and slotted spoon. The set are made of BPA free melamine. The whole set is dishwasher safe. A perfect gift for a young person who is about to set up their own home.

Progressive International Porcelain Tool Crock price
Progressive International Porcelain Tool Crock
This is the type of utensil holder I would recommend for everyone’s kitchens. Not only is it good to look at, made from a deep red ceramic with a white inside, but the mouth of the pot is wide enough to store all your kitchen utensils, tools and gadgets. This versatile utensil holder is big enough to double as a wine cooler bucket. Dishwasher safe.

Apple 3d Ceramic Pitcher and Utensil Holder Tools Set price
Apple 3d Ceramic Pitcher and Utensil Holder Tools Set
If you are collector of apple themed objects for your kitchen then this ceramic apple utensil holder may interest you. It can also be used as a pitcher. This comes with a nice set of 6 mainly wooden utensils like a meat tenderizer and spatula. This product would make a lovely gift for an apple collector.

DIY Utensil Holders

Here is a video of a fun, cheap and very clever way to add some utensil holders to your kitchen.

Red Utensil Holders and Crocks

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