Red Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters for Kitchens

Best Red Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters: Perfect Storage Solutions for your Kitchen

I think most people like to have storage jars filled with tea, sugar and coffee near to their kettle and the place the mugs are stored. Keeping these all together makes producing a hot beverage quick and easy.

Here are 3 of my favorite sets.

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Red Tea Coffee and Sugar CanistersContemporary Red Tea Coffee and Sugar CanistersRed and Cream Kitchen Storage ContainersRed and Cream Kitchen Storage ContainersTea Coffee and Sugar Storage ContainersTea Coffee and Sugar Storage Containers


I love the red storage containers featured to the right, above, this is because the design is red retro vintage. I could see this set sitting well on the countertop of a kitchen that has a 1950’s design.Both the body and lid of these canisters are made from metal. I like the way the writing on the canisters is set at a right angle very unusual. The lids have a silicone seal which will help to keep the contents of these jars fresh and ready to use.

The set in the center is made from metal and features a pretty cream and red motif, with a red lid that has a lacey cut out effect.The lids of these storage canisters are tight fitting to keep all the contents fresh. These will look great in a more traditional kitchen or even a kitchen that follows a shabby chic theme.

The red canister set pictured above on the left would look great in a contemporary kitchen as they have sleek modern lines with a stainless steel tightly fitting lid. One customer that bought this set said they found the set too small. Anyone buying this set should make sure the size fits in with their expectations.

Red Tea Coffee Sugar Kitchen Canister Sets

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  1. zim
    June 8, 2016 at 5:53 am

    What a soon as I saw these red canisters I also thought of a 1950’s kitchen (at least what I see in I love color, especially in the kitchen!! I will pin this post.

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