Red Kitchen Counter Stools with Backs

Red Kitchen Counter Stools with Backs

Installing a kitchen counter into your kitchen is a great idea. You can use the area for quick snacks,drinks with guests and breakfast with the children. All without having to use more formal parts of the home. If you have a counter installed then suitable seating is a must. For a red themed kitchen, I love to add in more red accents by choosing red counter stools. I like to have backs on my stools I just find this more comfortable.

Swivel Kitchen Counter Stools

One of the considerations you need to make when buying a kitchen stool is whether or not to get a stool that swivels. In my own circumstances, I am often visited by Mum who is not as agile as she used to be. Stools can be quite difficult for her to sit down on. We have found a swivel design and a hand up works really well.

Padded Kitchen Bar Stools

When it comes to padding this really entirely down to comfort or practicality. If you are likely to spend many hours sitting on your kitchen stool then I would plump for padding. If however you have a young family that are likely to spill drinks and drop foods all over the covering I would suggest either looking for a “solid” material like wood or metal. Alternatively, just make sure the covering material is  fully washable.

Red Leather Counter Stools

If you are looking for a luxuriant look and feeling to your kitchen decor consider purchasing a decadent red leather covered stool. A real design statement, especially when there is a lot of white in the rest of your kitchen decor color scheme.

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