Red Kitchen Canisters

Red Kitchen Canister Sets are a Practical Choice for Your Kitchen Storage Needs

Every kitchen needs a decent set of kitchen canisters to store sugar, tea, coffee and cookies, close at hand so that you can quickly make that cup of tea or coffee.

Whimsical Decorative Kitchen Canister Sets

These three kitchen canister sets are really fun and quirky. From a set depicting watermelons to a lovely set of kitchen canisters in the shape of a set of lighthouses. Choosing any of these sets will be a great addition to your kitchen decor.

Lighthouse Ceramic Storage Canister JarLighthouse Ceramic Storage Canister JarRed Polka Dot and Stripe Canister SetRed Polka Dot and Stripe Canister Set3D Watermelon Ceramic Storage Jars3D Watermelon Ceramic Storage Jars


Red Rooster Canister Set

Red Rooster Canister SetRed Rooster Canister Set


I love this set of ceramic rooster canister sets that will look great in any kitchen. Also these would make a great gift for a person who loves chickens or roosters.

Ruby Red Canisters: Red Italian Style Kitchen Canisters

Ruby Red Canisters CollectionRuby Red Canisters Collection

Although these are a plain Red Kitchen Canister Set, with Italian Styling. They will provide for your storage needs that you like to keep close to hand like coffee and sugar. These storage canisters are smart enough to sit on your counter-top. I like the simple styling and the deep rich red of this set.

What to Consider when Buying Red Kitchen Canisters

Red kitchen canisters come in a wide variety of materials, these include colored and clear glass, enamelled metal, glazed stoneware and ceramic.

One important thing to look for though is to make sure the canisters are 100% air tight. Otherwise, your cookies could go soft, tea and coffee will lose their flavour and your sugar may go a bit lumpy. Look out for products that incorporate a silicone seal as this is the best method to maintain a good seal.

When it comes to design I personally wouldn’t buy whole sets of one type of canister, the problem with this look is that it can look contrived. I think a nice mix of different shapes, sizes and patterns look to the eye more natural and relaxed. An eclectic mix gives the impression you have spent time considering your purchases.

When considering adding red color accents into your kitchen, there is probably no easier way than purchasing a set of red kitchen canisters or individual items. The main reason for this is that the sets or individual pieces are relatively cheap compared to other items you can buy for your kitchen. This means that if after you have purchased an item and then change your mind and find that red is not for you then not too much money has been spent and lost. Canisters are designed to be seen, so consequently they come in some interesting and exciting designs.

Looking at the range of kitchen canisters the choice is immense. If you are looking to complement any design style then there is bound to be a set of red canisters to suit. For example, Typhoon makes a lovely range of retro and vintage canisters made from enamelled metal. The company Signature

The company Signature have produced sets of stylish canisters that will look great in a more contemporary styled kitchen.

The french manufacturer, Le Creuset, on the other hand, produce a range of canisters that will look fabulous in a country style kitchen. Also, look out for canisters that have a shabby chic or French country kitchen style, these would add personality to your kitchen particularly if you are trying to go for an eclectic look.





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