Red Apple Kitchen Storage Canisters

Here is my selection of red apple kitchen storage canisters. The designs range from 3D apple storage jars to beautiful Tuscan styled ceramic apple design storage jars. All are beautiful to look at but they are practical as storage jars too.

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Top 3 Red Apple Kitchen Canister Sets

Tuscany Red Apple Canister SetTuscany Red Apple Canister Set3D Red Apple Kitchen Storage Canisters3D Red Apple Kitchen Storage CanistersRed Apple Kitchen Canister SetRed Apple Kitchen Canister Set


As you can see there are some beautiful apple canister sets that are ideal for storage in an apple themed kitchen. I could see these sets as a great gift idea if you have a friend or family member that collects kitchen apple pieces. There are many people out there that love to have apple motifs, pictures, and other apple items in their kitchens.

I am very fond of apple decorations in the kitchen myself and I am very tempted to put the Tuscan Style set that is featured on the left above on my Christmas present list. I think it would look so beautiful sitting on my countertop. I have a more traditional style kitchen and they would fit in very well.

The 3D set that is featured in the center above is less likely to fit in with my kitchen decor, however, I have picked it as it would make a lovely gift for a person that likes 3D apple ornaments. These are so nice they could be placed on a shelf and used as purely decorative pieces.

With the set to the right, we have a lovely but more muted colored apple set. This set of storage canisters would work so well in a kitchen where the main color was a yellowish cream. Perfect in any country styled kitchen.

Red Apple Design Kitchen Storage Canisters


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