Red Aga Stove

Red AGA Stove and Range – Product Review.

Red AGA StoveRed AGA Stove
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Who would buy an AGA stove?

The Aga Range Cooker  would suit the needs of a preparing all the foods for a busy family, or a keen cook that enjoys eating plenty of homemade foods.

Also the AGA stove would suit anyone who like the unique look of an AGA stove, perhaps in a country style kitchen.

The AGA stove would even be at home in a small commercial kitchen.

Which Aga is for you?

There are two different types of Aga Range Cooker
. The first is a more traditional Freestanding Range were the oven and hob is left on all the time. This means the hob will be ready to heat up water in your pans or kettles immediately. Also this type of stove can be used to heat the room it is housed in and can also be used to dry clothes.

The second type is a more traditional stove called the Legacy were the ovens and top burner elements are switched on or off as needed, but you still have the fantastic styling and looks of the traditional AGA stove.

Pros: Of the Freestanding Range

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  • No waiting for the oven to preheat, just place your food in one of the cooking ovens.
  • Hot plates on the top of the stove that will boil water in two minutes.
  • Will heat the whole room making your kitchen warm and cosy
  • Can help to dry clothes
  • The slow cooker oven can even cook your dishes over night.
  • Models that work either on electric or propane gas.


Cons: Of the Freestanding Aga Range

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  • Different to other stoves may take some time to adapt your recipes.
  • May use more energy than a traditional stove. Although you can program the stove using the AGA Intelligent Energy Management System.
  • The AGA is much more expensive than a conventional oven.


Small Red AGA Stove


Price Range:

Around $5,700 for a small 20″ range, about $7,000 for a 44″ freestanding range and $15,000 for a large range.


What is an Aga Cooker?

The aga cooker is different form your usual stove as this video demonstrates.

Boiling Water on an Aga Cooker

The amazing aga cooker really can boil water in a couple of minutes!

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