Panasonic NN-H765BF Full-Size 1.6-Cubic-Feet 1250-Watt Microwave Oven

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Why the Panasonic “The Genius” Microwave Oven  is for you.

A microwave oven is a must have appliance in any household. I simply couldn’t survive without one.  When I have time to prepare meals I produce a large batch and then I have home made meals ready to eat after a few minutes to re heat in the microwave oven.   These days it is difficult to find time to preparing meals every single night. Considering how useful a microwave oven is , you need buy a microwave oven that will be dependable. This is why I recommend the Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius 1.6 cuft 1250 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology

Why Choose a Panasonic Genius Microwave?

There are plenty of  brands and types of microwave ovens on the market. So, why choose the Panasonic NN-H765BF Full-Size 1.6-Cubic-Feet 1250-Watt Microwave Oven? First of all, the name Panasonic is synonymous with quality and innovation. Their products follow the latest technology. at a reasonable price of under $150 you have a microwave that is suitable for all your family meals from, a variety of meals for baking, reheating, simmering, and even cooking. On this microwave is in the top ten best seller in their microwave oven range.

The Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius 1.6 cuft 1250 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology is lovely looking with sleek black modern styling it is sure to look good on your kitchen countertop. The microwave has simple easy to use with plenty of power levels and a one touch sensor feature. These feature will ensure your food is cooked to perfection.

Is the Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius  Value for Money?

When it comes to purchasing household appliances, the price doesn’t always reflect the quality. Currently this microwave oven is on sale for under $150 this is a great price for a microwave oven that has all the features you need to make and reheat meals for your family.

If you’re still not sure about the Panasonic brand, take a look at the most recent customer reviews.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve never been so happy with a microwave. It is wide enough to allow the defrosting of a long block of chicken thighs, yet short enough to fit in the limited space I have to stash it…read more here

“Over the years, I’ve owned a few microwave ovens. Big, small, underpowered, enough RF emissions to fry a cat at 50 yards – you name it, I’ve owned it. But boy howdy does this one purely rock…read more here

Amazon Rating: 4.0

With the Amazon rating this was the ratings given by 366 customers. So overall customers are pleased with their purchase. They were impressed with the features, quality and design of the microwave oven.

Top Quality Cooking Results

I’m sure like me you have been tempted by cheap microwave ovens. You come home very pleased with your purchase. Only to find that the microwave gives terrible cooking results and you give up and pay extra for a better model. Look no further the Panasonic NN-H765BF will cook and heat you food thoroughly and evenly. Having  inverter technology and a turntable ensures even heat distribution though your food. So no more overcooked edges and under-cooked centers with this microwave oven.

Overview of the Panasonic NN-H765BF power settings

The Panasonic NN-H765BF provides you with plenty of settings. There are 10 power levels available, this means you can cook or defrost many foods. For defrosting with the 1-touch sensor cooking, you can use the  the Inverter Turbo Defrost setting to slowly  thaw off the cold without cooking parts of the food (a common complaint with cheaper microwave ovens).

This is a  family-sized oven  plenty big enough for a large families needs. Internally the Microwave Oven comes with a 1-3/5-cubic-foot capacity and 1250 watts of power.

Features that Mean Fast and Efficient Cooking

Below are just some of the features and specifications you will get with the Panasonic NN-H765BF

  1. 1. The microwave oven itself is fairly large so before purchasing make sure you have room to sit on your countertop.  It measures 19-7/16 inches x 21-7/8  inches x 11-15/16-inches.
  2. Part of the clever technology is the Panasonic’s Sensor Cooking button, cleverly the microwave automatically sets the power and adjusts the cooking or defrosting time. This is achieved by a sensor that calculates the cooking time by measuring the amount of steam the food produces during cooking. This is a fantastic feature, I’m sure like me you have ruined food by overcooking them in the microwave oven….
  3. There is a handy more/less control so you can adjust the time during heating.
  4. There are programs that do the following jobs: popcorn, quick minute timer, and a delayed start. 
  5. Comes with the following flexible cooking functions: inverter turbo defrost, 10 power levels, and 5.  Multi-stage cooking options.
  6. A 15 inch turntable which has been designed to provide even heating.
  7. I like the handy one touch sensor cooking control, this will allow you to keep your food warm .
  8. Note – There is dent on the upper-left corner of the door this ensures that the door opens smoothly at all times.
  9. Won the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
  10. The purchase comes  with a 2 year limited warranty.


If you are looking for a large microwave oven to cater for the needs of a family then this microwave oven
is for you.

Further Information and Resources.

Free Panasonic Microwave Cookery No Fuss Cookbook

I have given this free microwave cookery book a read through and I have been impressed at the range of recipes that can be attempted with a microwave oven….. you can download this to your computer hard drive or alternatively print the booklet out.

Good Housekeeping

Panasonic website –


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