Review – Nostalgia Electronic Hot Dog Toaster

Nostalgia Electronic Hot Dog Toaster Review.

Hot Dog Toaster

Who would buy this Hot Dog Toaster?

First of all if you love hot dogs then this is the machine for you. Then if you like to have appliances that have the 1950’s retro look then the Coca Cola retro slogan will appeal.

I also feel this would make a great present for a young person about to go to college, they would be able to make hot dogs in their rooms.

Also this machine would be great to take onto a boat, dorm or a motor home.

Price Range: $19 – $30


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  • Making two hot dogs is as quick and easy as making toast.
  • Adjustable heat controls mean you can make you hot dogs the way you like them.
  • Cleaning the hot dog maker is quick and easy as there is a removable drip tray which catches any fat drips from the hot dogs.
  • A small set of tongs is included.



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Customer Reviews


“Not only is this an awesome invention, it is also a really cool retro addition to my kitchen…read more here….

“when my wife wanted this, I thought that she was nuts!! Now that we have one I never want to live without it!! …read more here….


Amazon Rating: 4/5 stars out of 5 Over 190 Customer Reviews


Is the Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Value for money?

Before you buy this machine I would recommend spending a bit of time thinking about how much use you are likely have for a hot dog maker. If you really love hot dogs and you or your family are going to make use of the machine for 3-5 times a week then the price of the machine would certainly represent value for money.

However if you believe you will have little use for a hot dog maker then buying it and just storing it in a cupboard would be a waste of money…. I’ll let you decide.

Nostalgia Electrics Coca Cola Series HDT600COKE Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

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