Le Creuset Kitchen Canisters

Beautiful Bright Cherry Red Le Creuset Kitchen Canisters and Crocks

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Here are my top picks on red Le Creuset kitchen canisters. Le Creuset is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories and equipment that has a great reputation for quality and stunning designs. With care, any of these storage canisters could last you a lifetime.

Red Le Creuset Kitchen CanisterRed Le Creuset Kitchen CanisterCherry Red Stoneware Storage JarCherry Red Stoneware Storage JarRed Le Creuset Butter CrockRed Le Creuset Butter Crock


I could see any of these canisters and crocks making a great present for a person that loves red Le Creuset in their kitchen. Personally, I would just love to receive the cute butter crock pictured above. I have recently been on high-fat-low-carb diet to lose weight. This diet as you can imagine requires plenty of butter. This is when I realized that I didn’t have a container for sticks of butter that is nice enough to leave out on the countertop. I like to leave butter out as there is nothing worse than dealing with hard butter straight from the fridge.

The canister is the middle is designed as a storage jar for coffee. I just love the styling on that jar. It’s quite unusual with a square shape and square lid. Of course, you don’t have to just use this for coffee. I think a set of three for coffee, tea and sugar would look fabulous sitting on my countertop.

What I Like About these Le Creuset Stoneware Canisters and Crocks.

  • All the lids have a silicone seal to provide airtight conditions that will ensure the contents will stay fresh.
  • The stoneware is extremely durable meaning the storage jars should not chip, crack or discolor. Plus if well cared for should last a lifetime.
  • If you have other red Le Creuset products in your kitchen then these will color match perfectly.
  • All the canisters can be washed in the dishwasher, with the exception of the wooden lid that has to be hand washed.

Le Crueset Stoneware Red Kitchen Canisters


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