Kitchen Tile Splashback Ideas

Red and white retro kitchen tiles

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On this page I am featuring some kitchen tile splashback ideas. As the general theme of this website is to feature items and products for the kitchen that are around the theme of red, I am concentrating on red tile splashback ideas for this page.

There are plenty of options for tile splashbacks. Tiles come in numerous finishes including, mosaic tiles, glass tiles and ceramic tiles.

Some designs incorporate a tile mural of a kitchen themed scene this may be a option to consider for a country style kitchen.


Here are a few red tiles I have picked out. I really love the fractured glass mosaic tiles, these would look fabulous in a contemporary kitchen

Glass Mosaic Tile artistic Red and white colors for bathroom kitchen backsplash bar pool spa #GM8405
Glass Mosaic Red Tile

Red Linear Glass Mosaic Tile

Stone Mosaic Tile Backsplash 5/8
Red Marble Mosaic

Fireside Pebbles & Stones Red Fractured Glass Collection Glossy Glass - 13653
Red Fractured Glass

Ruby Red - 3x6 Red Glass Tile Mosaic - Bathroom Tile & Kitchan Backsplash Tile (price per square feet, 8 pieces)
Red Glass Tile Mosaic

Susan Jablon Mosaics - 1/4 Inch Iridescent Red Stained Glass Subway Tile
Iridescent Red Tile

Red Accent Tiles – Here are a few examples of the types of tiles available that can become a feature in your kitchen. Some of these tiles are so beautiful that they can be framed and hung on the wall as art.

Folksy Love Decorative Tile in Delicious Red Size: 4.25
Folksy Decorative Tile

Continental Art Center BD-2035 8 by 8-Inch Red Chili Pepers Ceramic Art Tile
Red Chili Pepers Tile

Red Delicious Apple by Donna Jensen - Fruit Ceramic Accent Tile 8
Red Delicious Apple

Jellyfish Jelly Fish Ceramic Wall Art Decorative Tile 8x8
Jellyfish Ceramic Tile

Red Hat Cat Decorative Ceramic Wall Art Tile 6x6
Red Hat Cat Tile

Continental Art Center BD-0342 8 by 8-Inch A Ladybug with Red Frame Ceramic Art Tile
Ladybug Ceramic Tile

Red Tile Murals – Tiles that make up murals are a popular way to add some color and design into your kitchen. This is a popular choice for the area behind the stove top. I have also seen tile murals placed into  picture frames and hung onto the walls. This is a very effective way to add some color and interest into your kitchen if the thought of removing and replacing you current tiles is too much work to consider doing this.

Hand Painted Canvas Art: Branches of an Almond Tree (Red) Mural Wall Tiles - Tile 18
Red Mural Wall Tiles

Cafe Francais by Conrad Knutsen - Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom wall Tile Mural
Rooster Backsplash Mural

Daily Bread by Mary Lou Troutman - Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom wall Tile Mural
Bread Tile Mural

Red Poppy Road by Joanne Margosian - Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom wall Tile Mural
Red Poppy Backsplash

Bread and Wine by Theresa Kasun - Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom wall Tile Mural
Bread and Wine Mural

Wild Roses by Malenda Trick - Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom wall Tile Mural
Red Roses Mural

Here is a great tutorial on how to replace the tiles in your kitchen to make a new backsplash….

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