Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System Review

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Obtain Professional Coffee Making Results with the Keurig Brewing System

A coffee maker is one of those must have appliances for the home. I’ve bought and tried a fair number of home coffee brewing systems from cafeterias to drip coffee makers. I must say generally I have been disappointed with the results. One of my main irritations is most brewing systems make up such a large amount of coffee which if not drunk quickly ends up being thrown down the drain, can you believe all that waste!. I have decided also that I would rather have one cup of really good coffee that is exactly to my taste rather than a huge quantity of average coffee. With the Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System you have the opportunity to make the perfect cup full to your own personal taste one cup of coffee at a time.

With the Keurig brewing system you are able to make up individual cups of coffee due to the innovative idea of producing K-cups. Never heard of K-cups! These are like little sealed pods containing coffee that you insert into the Keurig. They are single serving size and they come a huge range of different types and flavors of coffee. As they are sealed you know your coffee will taste fresh. K-cups are even available for tea and cocoa.

Single-Cup Portion Pack Sampler for Keurig K-Cup Brewers


If you would prefer to use your own blend of gourmet coffee for brewing then you can purchase a Keurig reusable coffee filter insert. This is very simple to use and it is probably a good idea to have one of these as it makes your Keurig coffee maker more flexible. Easily cleaned by knocking out the used coffee grounds and running under water after use.

Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter


How to Work the Keurig Brewer 

Using the Keurig brewer is simple the most difficult thing when you first buy the machine is deciding which flavor and type of coffee to go for! You just need to fill the water reservoir , place the k-cup into the designated slot and away you go. The first cup will take about 5 minutes to make but once the water heats up it only takes 15 seconds to reheat between cups of coffee. The reservoir has the capacity of 6 cups.

You can adjust the strength of the coffee, and there are two cup dispensing sizes. With this machine you can fill a large travel mug. Cleaning the machine is easy as the k-cups do not produce any mess, and under the cup stand is a removable drip tray.

How does the Keurig Work?

The heater produces hot pressurized water which is injected through the K-cup or reusable coffee filter.  The coffee is dispensed into the cup you have placed underneath the dispenser.

Summary of Top Features

Below I have listed the top features of the Keurig Coffee Maker.

  • produces good quality coffee in a fast clean manner, no mess from coffee grinding or cleaning out coffee filters.
  • one-touch technology is pre-programmed to give  precise brewing control.
  • descale indicator
  • easy clean drip tray
  • over 70 varieties of different types of coffees, cocoa’s and teas to choose from, you can be guaranteed you will find a coffee that suits your personal taste.
  • option to use your own blend or home ground coffee.
  • the water reservoir  holds enough water for 6 cups of coffee
  • bold K-cups available for large mugs or stronger coffee
  • the first cup of coffee is ready in around 5 minutes.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

“I love this doo-dad! It heats up water in something like 60 seconds. Then you pop in a coffee pod, and abracadabra—you got coffee! It is so quick! I use 2 pods and press the button twice for a 20 oz cup…read more here

“This is the perfect machine for me because I only consume one to two cups a day. I turn it on while I’m getting ready in the morning and it’s ready in just a couple minutes. I also purchased the variety pack of K-cups and I’m so glad I did! (Great selection!)…read more here

Amazon Rating: 4 stars out of 5 (over 900 customer Reviews)


How to Decide if you Should Buy this Brewer

This brewer is for you if…….

[green_tick_3_list width=”100%”]

  • you are the only person in your house that drinks coffee.
  • you spend a lot of money on shop bought gourmet coffee
  • you will like the convenience and speed of using K-cups
  • you don’t mind paying that bit extra for quality coffee
  • you sometimes only want one cup of coffee


This coffee brewer is not for you if you……

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • you are not too bothered about the quality of your coffee
  • you don’t want the added expense of buying K-cups
  • your family or office drinks a lot of coffee, so you might want to have coffee pot full of coffee on the go all day long.
  • you are a complete and utter coffee expert and like to brew your named gourmet estate coffee
    in the traditional way
  • you enjoy your coffee really really strong….



The Keurig is great machine for making individual cups of coffee to your individual taste. If you are a regular at the local coffee shop and you are finding that an expensive habit then buying this machine and making your own coffee at home will work out cheaper in the end.

Reading through customer reviews I noticed some people reported that the coffee was not strong enough for them if you love coffee extremely strong then this machine might be a disappointment for you. A way round this is to use the extra bold cups which are designed for a larger mug of coffee, but set it on small cup setting.

Video’s of a Keurig B40 Elite Coffee Maker

A run through of the features of the Keurig coffee maker. Also this video contains some useful tips on reusing the K-cups. This video also demonstrates how to use the coffee maker.

Another useful and comprehensive video on how to make a perfect cup of coffee with a Keurig – his tip….. don’t use the K-cups.


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