Italian Tuscan Red Kitchen Canister Sets: Tuscan Style Storage Jars

I love the Italian Tuscan look in a kitchen this can be achieved by adding an Italian Tuscan Red Canister Set to your kitchen decor. Here are 3 of my favorite primarily red Tuscan Canister Sets.

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Tuscany Red 4pcs Canister SetTuscany Red 4pcs Canister SetTuscan Red Canister SetTuscan Red Canister SetTuscany Red Hand Painted CanistersTuscany Red Hand Painted Canisters


Buying a set of red ceramic kitchen canisters in the Italian style can bring a great pop of red color to your kitchen.

These storage jars are not only beautiful to look at but they are practical too. Use them to store items that you need to have at hand like tea, coffee, sugar and cookies. Could also be used for other items like baking ingredients like flour or dried fruits.

With these storage jars, you get an almost handmade artisan look, and many of the sets are actually hand painted. I particularly like the set that is pictured in the center above. I particularly like the set that is pictured in the center above. It has a lovely Fleur De Lis design.

The set that has roosters painted on them are actually done by hand, the artist has done an amazing job I’m sure you agree. There is a cookie jar that is in the same design that can be bought separately.

Italian Style Kitchen Canisters

Here is a selection of Italian Canisters that have red within the pattern of the decoration.

Sur La Table Farina Canister H3601-CAN-9Sur La Table Farina Red and White Canister for flourItalian Dinnerware - Canister Set - Handmade in Italy from our Roma Amor CollectionItalian Dinnerware – Canister Set – Handmade in Italy Sur La Table Zucchero Canister H3601-CAN-7Sur La Table Zucchero Canister Red and White for SugarHand Painted Italian Ceramic 7-inch Canister Geometrico 39E - Handmade in DerutaItalian Canister Set Ceramic Canister Geometrico Handmade in DerutaTexas Barn Star Italian Stoneware Canister SetDeep Red Star Italian Stoneware Canister SetTuscany Garden Collection Grapes Hand Painted 4pc Canister Set, 84001S by ACKTuscany Garden Collection Grapes Hand Painted 4pc Canister Set

What to look for in Tuscany Canisters

  • a hand painted set in a deep rich red.
  • tightly fitting lids if you intend to store perishable goods.
  • extra detailing like the Fleur De Lis pattern or red rooster patterns featured above.
  • sets with a variety of different sizes
  • look out for storage jar sets that have other items you can buy separately like cookie jars.
  • choose a red that will fit in with your current kitchen decor.
  • a great choice for a gift for a person that loves Tuscany or Italy.
  • look out for those Italian canister sets that say they are hand painted in Italy.

Italian Tuscan Red Canister Sets


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