How a Countertop or Toaster Oven Can Save Energy

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Are there Energy Savings to be made with a Countertop Oven?

The countertop or toaster oven is an appliance that  is designed to sit or your countertop, There are various types but generally the oven is heated by an element at the top. Sometimes the oven is fan assisted which then makes it a convection oven. Some sophisticated models even have the option of a rotisserie.

They are designed to be used to cook small amounts of foods like pizza, pork chops, meatloaf and lasagna. They are pretty versatile and they lend themselves to being a handy second oven in a busy kitchen or a sole oven in a small kitchen, dorm room or RV.

The savings to be made by using a toaster oven compared to a normal oven can be considerable. The energy required to run a toaster oven is at least 50% less than the conventional oven. If you are just for example cooking a pizza then it makes sense to cook this in the toaster oven. As it would be wasteful to run the main oven just to cook a small amount of food. They also save time as the oven will take less time to heat up.

Of course your main oven will be in full use during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but even then the countertop oven will come into it’s own. Here are a few examples of the jobs the countertop oven can do….

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  • Heating plates for dinner
  • Cook the stuffing and other side dishes.
  • Bake potatoes
  • Small quantities of cakes and cookies.


Further Reading and Resources

How to make a Pizza in a Toaster Oven – this is a great video that shows you in great detail how to make a pizza. The end result certainly looks tasty, and the toaster oven meanwhile is using only half the energy of your main oven….cool.

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