Deep Red Canister Sets for Kitchens

Here is a selection of my favorite deep red canister sets for kitchens. These are sure to add a touch of class and color to your kitchen decor.

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Ceramic Deep Red Kitchen Storage Canister Set

Deep Red Kitchen Storage Canister SetDeep Red Kitchen Storage Canister Set


If you are a keen baker and are looking for a deep red kitchen storage jar set then this may be the set for you. This ceramic set consists of 3 canisters. The largest is just over 18 cups capacity so is ideal for storing your flour. Because these storage jars have an airtight seal in the lid you can be certain that the contents in these canisters will not spoil.

When I am baking I like to have all my most commonly used ingredients close to hand. There is nothing worse than realizing that you need another ingredient from the pantry when you are in the middle of a recipe. I have made many mistakes by leaving a cake recipe in the middle to hunt down an ingredient and then losing my way when I return to the recipe.

Deep Red Kitchen Storage Set

Deep Red Canisters Sets for KitchensDeep Red Canisters Sets for Kitchens


This is an unusual yet stylish handmade ceramic deep red kitchen storage set. The reason it is unusual is the rather lovely wood lids that are made from mango wood. I’ve never heard of mango wood being used in this way, but it looks lovely nevertheless. Also on the sides of the canisters are brass labels that describe the contents. In this instance, that is coffee, sugar and tea.

Dark Red Canister Set

Dark Red Canister SetDark Red Canister Set


This dark red canister set is very unusual as each storage jar has its own stainless steel spoon or scoop. Every spoon is attached to the side of each canister by a sturdy loop that is integral to the jar. The jars themselves are made from ceramic and the outside is a very deep and dark red. Perfect for any kind of food storage in the kitchen. Attractive enough to leave on the side of your countertop or could be used to store consumables in a cupboard.

Deep Red Kitchen Storage Canisters



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