10 Silly and Dangerous Things to do with a Microwave Oven

I have been obsessed by a program called Brainiac, it does dangerous numerous but very funny experiments using everyday objects. The tagline on the program is “We do the experiments so you don’t have to” and Don’t try this at home…. no really don’t….

I thought it would be fun to add a few of my favorite mad scientist moments were microwaves are used to do dangerous things that they were never designed to do.

It reminds me of a funny incident were my Mum inadvertently over cooked a pitta bread this exploded in her microwave oven and the explosion was so strong it actually broke her oven……

I’ve posted these videos so solely for entertainment please don’t try in your own home the consequences for serious injury and damage to property is real.

1. Ivory Soap in the Microwave Oven

Put a bar of ordinary ivory soap into the microwave oven and see what happens!!!!!

2. What Happens when you put a Whole Egg in the Microwave Oven…

Whole eggs and microwaves just don’t mix…..

3. Beer http://healthsavy.com/product/ambien/ Bottle in a Microwave Oven

Can you believe microwaves will melt glass!!!! OK it does need a helping hand with a blow torch.

4. Champagne Bottle Blows Up.

This is a tragic waste of Champagne… definitely not one to try out at home!!!!

5. Brandy and Christmas Pudding and Microwave Oven.

What a waste of a Christmas Pudding and very dangerous.

6. Gasoline in the Microwave Oven

Very dangerous and such a waste of gasoline…….

7. Fire and CD in a Microwave Oven

Interesting it see what happens to a fire and CD-ROM……

8. Poor Little Peeps are Microwaved!!!

I know they are not sentient beings but I couldn’t help feel sorry for the peeps as they were put into the microwave!!!! How sad is that. But really is this ethical!!!!!

9. Light up a Light Bulb with Microwaves.

Did you know microwaves light up a light bulb…..

10. Dangers of putting a Grape in a Microwave Oven….

If you ever have a thought to put a grape in a microwave well don’t, they produce plenty of fireworks!!!!!

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