Chili Pepper Canister Sets for Kitchens

Cheery Bright and Colorful Red Chili Pepper Canister Sets for Kitchen Storage

Here are a few ideas to spice up the decor in your kitchen with chili pepper canister sets. Any of these sets are sure to draw complimentary comments when they are set out on your kitchen countertop.

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Here is a selection of storage jars with a chili pepper theme. These would be of interest to anyone who loves the look of red chilies and would like to start a collection for a chili pepper themed kitchen.

Any of these ceramic chili canister sets would make a great present for a person that loves chili decor in their kitchen.  I could imagine giving one of these sets as a house warming gift.

The canisters featured to the left above are styled in a 3D image of a red chili. I love the way the brown cowboy hats have been modeled to make the lid great fun!

In the center is a beautiful set of ceramic canisters that feature great artwork that depicts chilies together with their leaves. These would be a great choice if you any wanted subtle touches of chili decorations in your kitchen.

To the right are 3D styled ceramic white red and green canisters with the chili decoration in relief. What I like about this set of canisters is the way a chili pepper has been modeled to make the lid handle, very cute.

There are other kitchen decor items that have chilies on them, for example, chili pepper curtains, clocks, and wall art.

Red Chili Pepper Design Kitchen Canister Sets

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