Red Ceramic Fleur De Lis Kitchen Canisters

Here is a beautiful red ceramic Fleur De Lis canister that would be just perfect as a storage jar for either cookies or dog treats.

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This red storage canister is made from stoneware and has been decorated in a lovely deep shade of red. On the side is a bold Fleur De Lis design in a black contrast color. I love the fact that the lid has a rubber seal to provide an airtight environment to keep your cookies fresh.

Red Ceramic Fleur De Lis CanisterRed Ceramic Fleur De Lis Canister


In our family Fleur De Lis has a deep personal meaning. My husband’s mother was called Gladys Fleur De Lis Munro a pretty unusual name I’m sure you would agree. Particularly as she was born in Scotland! No one in the family knows why she was called this unusual name! Anyway because of the unusual name we were able to track her down to a place in Australia where we found out my husband had a half sister. We are now in regular contact with the sister. Gladys died a few years ago now sadly we didn’t get a chance to see her.

We very much hope to visit the sister in Adelaide Australia soon, I could imagine buying this for her as a parting gift I’m sure she would just love this because of the Fleur De Lis design on the front.

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