5 Useless Kitchen Gadgets

I think we have all been guilty of being seduced into buying useless gadgets. We see that banana slicer advertised and think great that is just what I need, and go and buy it. What happens next it gets used a couple of times and then is consigned to the gadget graveyard in our kitchen drawers. It’s just clutter really.

Most of these gadgets are a gimmick can only do one job and are totally unnecessary in a kitchen that has a decent range of  knives, tools and utensils. For example to chop a banana takes a few seconds with a sharp knife and will beat the time it takes to find the banana slicer in your drawer, making the banana slicer totally redundant……


1. Banana Slicer

Images courtesy of Amazon

Banana SlicerChef’n Bananza Banana Slicer


I find the idea of a banana slicer really what’s wrong with just getting a knife? There are two types of banana slicer the plastic one on the left above, that you use by placing over the  peeled banana and pushing down, or the slicer on the right were you place the banana inside the housing and depress the lever and a number of blades come out to slice the banana.

Here are some funny customer reviews for the the banana slicers some of these are hysterically funny……

“My wife came home from Williams-Sonoma with one of these. I locked myself in the bathroom, from where I am now typing this plea for help, and warning. THERE AREN’T ANY BANANAS IN THE HOUSE!…read more here

“I tried the banana slicer and found it unacceptable. As shown in the picture, the slices is curved from left to right. All of my bananas are bent the other way….read more here……

Review of a Banana Slicer!!!


2. Microwave S’more Maker

I can see this gimmicky product lurking at the back of the cupboard with all the other useless gadgets… Funnily enough reading through comments left by customers that have bought and used this they were impressed, strange!!!


Microwavable S’Mores Maker

Customer Reviews

“Who would’ve thought that s’mores would be so easy to make!!…read more here

“what a great invention. this was a great way to make smores without the mess and without a fire….read more here

How to Make S’Mores in a Microwave Oven

I’ve found this video that shows you how to make S’Mores in a microwave oven proving you don’t need a special S’More maker.


3. Egg Cracker

Surely any one can crack an egg on the side of a mixing bowl or use a knife to crack an egg. This gadget is just another thing you will have to wash and store.

Egg Cracker and Separator

Customer Reviews

“I was skeptical before I purchased it, but it figured I’d give it a try and I am glad I did….read more here

“This device is more trouble than it is worth. Cracking an egg should not be this difficult and the device is a pain to clean….read more here

Video: How to Crack and Separate an Egg


4. Spaghetti Twirling Fork

Another gadget with a mono use. Surely anyone can eat spaghetti with an ordinary fork and spoon.  And….not only is it useless but the gadget requires a battery…… Again the customers who bought this don’t agree with me and this product has received many favorable reviews!!!!!

Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Customer Reviews

“I was always trying to teach my grandsons how to twirl their spaghetti – I think this fork nailed it!…read more here

“My daughter is a noodle fanatic! She loves this fork and uses it every time we have long noodles. …read more here

How to Eat Spaghetti Properly: Like an Italian


5. Asparagus Peeler

This product is way too specialized what is wrong with just using an ordinary peeler!!!!! Amazingly this product received many good customer reviews and feed back!!!!
Asparagus Peeler

Customer Reviews

“You may not think you need this, but if you like your asparagus peeled, THIS is the item for you. …read more here

“We all grow our own asparagus so this is a must have….read more here

How to Prepare Asparagus

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