10 Ways to Organize your Kitchen

ways to organize your kitchenThis article aims to help you organize in you kitchen. This is not concerned necessarily with the making the kitchen look lovely sleek, minimalist and brand new, instead the aim is to provide some tips on how to make your kitchen work.

Ultimately organizing your kitchen will allow you to whip up meals quickly, because all your equipment will be clean, and close at hand. No raking through drawers looking for a knife, or spending time looking for that special cake pan…..we have all been there….. it can make cooking very stressful.

Organize your kitchen and cooking and preparing foods becomes a pleasure instead of a chore.


Here are my Top 10 Kitchen Organizing Tips.

      1. De-Clutter your Kitchen
        The big problem with clutter is  you just simply can’t organize it. I’m afraid all of the clutter will just have to go. First of all don’t try to do this all in one day you will be come overwhelmed and exhausted. Instead allocate 15 – 30 minutes per day for de-cluttering. Concentrate on a tiny area at a time and look at the items objectively. If anything is broken, rusted, obsolete, duplicates or out of date throw these away. If the item would be of use to others collect in one place and donate to goodwill. Clean and organize the de-cluttered areas as you go. If you have an extreme clutter problem you may have to consider getting help from a professional organizer.
      2. Rationalize your Kitchen Equipment 
        Take a good look a the equipment and appliances you have in your kitchen and ask yourself honestly if you need them. A good way of working out if a piece of equipment is really necessary is to think  about when it was last used. If more than a year then I would suggest removing it from your kitchen.
      3. Put Like Items and Equipment Together – organize all your items that are similar into one area makes sense. For example keep a shelf solely for your pots and pans, or a cupboard just for plates.
      4. Try Not to Stack – Try to avoid stacking your kitchen equipment. Digging out your stock pot from the beneath a pile of other pots and pans will not only make the cooking preparation time take longer but you may suffer a kitchen avalanche in the process. I have in the past not bothered with some recipes simply because the equipment I need is difficult to locate.
      5. Buy Equipment http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/clomid/ that Does More than One Job. You don’t really need too many items in your kitchen. For example a good saute pan will do a number of frying and cooking jobs. While a good all purpose knife may do most of your cutting, chopping and paring needs. I tend to just use one knife most of the time.
      6. Quality Over Quantity. It is better to have one good quality item like a good quality knife that a whole set of rubbish knifes you may have bought from the shopping channel.
      7. Everything in it’s Place and a Place for Everything – allocate a space for all your different kitchen utensil, equipment and foods. Below is a picture of Julia Child’s kitchen preserved at the Smithsonian Museum. If you look closely to the right of the kitchen wall you will see all the knives have there own place on the wall. On the back wall there is a board were all the kitchen utensils are kept. Each piece of equipment has its own place. Imagine how easy this will make preparing food in your kitchen. You can easily grab what ever need. Organize and this will happen to you…

        Julia Childs Kitchen

        Image courtesy of Wikipedia

      8. Keep On Top Of the Washing Up – never let the washing up overwhelm you. Either fill up the dishwasher as you go or, fill a washing up bowl with hot soapy water before you start and wash up as you go.
      9. Keep on Top of Kitchen Clutter Hot Spots – There are always areas in the kitchen that attract clutter. The place were post is left or school bags are thrown. Try to discourage this and clear these up daily or they will grow……
      10. Enjoy Your Lovely Organized Kitchen – once you organize your kitchen you simply won’t believe how enjoyable cooking will be. If you organize then spending time in the kitchen will become a stress buster instead of a stress maker.

Resources and Further Reading

[super_box width=”100%” border=”0px” backgroundColor=”#fff” insetShadow=”on” rounded=”on” pagecurl=”off”]Here are 3 books I recommend on kitchen organizing. The book Sink Reflections is written by Marla Cilley AKA The Fly Lady.

You can find more information on her amazing organizing system on her website FlyLady.com



Here are a three videos I have found that contain useful hints and tips on How to Organize your Kitchen.

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